27 April 2020
Authenticook - Relishing India With Local Dining Experience

    You are an avid traveller. You love visiting new places, and scrunching down new delicacies, you love being regaled in local cuisine, as you discover new flavors. Wistful memories apart, you also remember how straining it is to go look for food experiences hitherto unknown to others. I mean it is obviously worth taking the arduous round, to reach that small cafe hidden away from the mainstream, and just gorge on what you came for.

    But don’t you wish sometimes it would be a tad easier to find those tasteful experiences? Authenticook was founded in 2015, by Ameya Deshpande, Priyanka Deshpande, and Aneesh Dhairyawan as a viable solution to this problem. Having experienced something similar, the founders realised that the nation nurtured an expansive chain of restaurants serving westernized dishes, bringing international cuisine to the Indian people, but there existed no social dining outlets that dished out local cuisine so far.

    It is perfectly logical to not being able to incorporate all the local dishes in the cookbook, but it is still relished by people in bleak neighborhoods. So instead of taking the dishes into the commercial platform, they thought of bringing people to these households to offer them the true culinary experience of enjoying a home-made meal. (Pretty neat, right?)

    They saw this as an opportunity to help revive the country’s culinary diversity that showed an astounding range, to begin with, while simultaneously offering women micro-entrepreneurs a chance to run a side business in the food realm as a secondary source of income.

    As Authenticook opened up new avenues for the homemakers, it allowed them to craft a delectable journey, one people would yearn to be a part of. The diversity in India needs to be felt, and what better way than food, to depict this rich tapestry spanning 29 states, more than 1500 regional dialects, and over 1.4 billion people, boasting over 500 regional recipes.

          Present in over 35 cities in India, with over 55 cuisines listed on their online platform, promoting inclusive growth in Indian tourism by providing new opportunities to indigenous communities and individuals, allowing them to celebrate their heritage by being self-reliant; Authenticook has come a long way since its inception.

    Pick out a scheduled meal experience or request for a date of your choice, and enjoy spending some quality time with enthusiastic locals, get to know about their humble heritage and dig into the generous servings. Authenticook believes in building friendships and relationships, with social dining being the best way to acquaint yourself with the hidden culinary gems and the chefs providing you with meals, unique to their household.

    Having received a grant of 1.45 crore from Booking.com, back in 2017 Authenticook charted the road ahead to pick up the pace with improved technology. Fancy some home-made food? Authenticook brings you the best in the business, and lets you be a part of an ever-growing food community.

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