25 Oct 2020
Ather Energy - Building Fast and Electric Vehicles


    Ather Energy was created to provide fast and intelligent electric vehicles, founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain back in 2013. Ather Energy manufactured the electric scooter the Ather 450 and Ather 450X. Ather Energy also established the vehicle charging infrastructure- the Ather Grid. Let’s talk about these in detail as we pen down the salient features of the rides offered by Ather Energy and the charging infrastructure.


    ● Ather 450

    Some disruptive features of the Ather 450 are as follows:
    ➢ High capacity for range
    ➢ Provides a higher output for acceleration
    ➢ Longer shelf life
    ➢ Fast Charging capabilities up to 80% at 1km/min
    ➢ IP67 water and dust resistant
    ➢ 2.4 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack
    ➢ 3 years of guaranteed warranty
    ➢ TrueRange

    Different ride modes for all your different needs
    ○ Eco
    Provides maximum range
    ○ Ride
    Falls between Eco and sport as it offers intermediate-range and performance.
    ○ Sport
    Provides maximum performance

    ➢ Provides a great mode of transport for bad roads
    ○ Low center of gravity
    ○ Mono shock suspension
    ○ Front and Rear Disk brakes
    ○ Perfect Balance

    With a multitude of other exciting features like an interactive dashboard and onboard navigation powered by Google, update, refuel and recharge your scooter at any place at any time at your convenience

    ● Ather 450X

    Salient features:
    ➢ Superior lithium-ion battery pack
    ➢ Enhanced motor performance
    ➢ Fresh new colors to pick from
    ➢ New Android source Open Source OS
    ➢ Faster charging
    ➢ New ownership plan to fit your budget allowing you to pick out a plan to pay it upfront or you could lease it and take an EMI.
    ➢ 85 km TrueRange, 6kW peak power
    ➢ Reverse mode for flawless backing out of parking spaces
    ➢ Guide-me-home lights
    ➢ Side-stand sensors
    ➢ Find My Scooter feature to ensure safety
    ➢ Cubby Holes
    ➢ Auto turn-off indicators
    ➢ Front and back disk brakes
    ➢ Incognito mode

    ● Ather Grid

    ○ Starting from Bangalore and Chennai Ather Grid is an instrumental tool in securing India’s automobile future where the commute is largely electric
    ○ Ather Grid aims to offer fast, reliable and safe charging for all-electric vehicles and isn’t limited to the Ather vehicles
    ○ Ather Grid has ensured you are never more than 4km away from a charging point with over 30 locations currently spread across Bangalore and Chennai and is located at all the major hubs in the city like shopping complexes, malls, gyms, offices among others
    ○ Auto-authentication is carried out so that charging starts instantly once your device is recognized
    ○ Fast DC charging and remote monitoring from your phone irrespective of where you are provides relative ease of commute
    ○ It is compatible with all electric vehicles that utilize a 5A charger, all you need to do is find a Gridpoint, authenticate, and recharge.


    Ather Energy is redefining the commute with its innovative line of electric vehicles powered by intelligence as it spearheads the emergence of a new era of Indian commute as we know it. Ushering invaluable insights, and making the commute a lot easier, safer, and hassle-free in today’s fast-paced world.