21 Mar 2020
AnyMind acquires mobile ad monetisation startup Pokkt

    Singapore-based AnyMind Group has fully acquired app-developer-focussed mobile video advertising and monetisation platform Pokkt, expanding its offerings, global presence in India and the Middle East.

    Pokkt offers an in-app ad platform that includes video ads and app performance marketing. It uses machine learning to help its over 200 advertising partners better target their audiences by allowing marketers to activate, manage, and track media buys across desktop, mobile web display, video advertising, and digital out-of-home.

    Otohiko Kozutsumi, co-founder and former COO of AnyMind Group, will take on the role of chief commercial officer. He will lead the company’s existing AdAsia business and ongoing commercial efforts for AnyMind Group, including solution strategy and sales enablement, along with identifying and leading strategic initiatives for the company.

    Also, Rohit Sharma, co-founder at Pokkt, will become the chief operating officer for AnyMind, with his responsibilities including the implementation of its strategic plans for Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

    Mumbai- and Singapore-based Pokkt, operated by Maiden Marketing India Pvt. Ltd, was founded in 2012 by Sharma, Vaibhav Odhekar and Sharad Ingule. Sharma was the former CEO of Reliance Entertainment.

    In November 2015, it raised $5 million in post-Series A funding from Singapore-based VC firm Segnel Ventures, Shinji Kimura and Sundar Chanrai.

    Formerly known as AdAsia, AnyMind started out in 2016 as an AI-driven digital advertising platform. It has since grown to apply its tech to other areas such as entertainment, marketing, and human resources.

    AnyMind has made five acquisitions to date. It scooped up influencer network Grove in January, marking its fourth acquisition globally and its second in Japan after FourM. It had previously bought up Moindy in Thailand and Acqua Media in Hong Kong.

    Recently, AnyMind raised US$26.4 million in funding and launched its new direct-to-consumer offering through its investment in fitness apparel company Lyft.

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