7 Oct 2020
Aadar - Bringing Back Ayurvdea


    AADAR was founded by Aadil Shah and Pratul Manga which focuses on building health and wellness products for chronic ailments and lifestyle segments based on the age-old proven knowledge of our very own Ayurveda.

    AADAR works towards providing a preventive healthcare space and herb-based products to combat ailments like blood sugar, indigestion, obesity, and cholesterol.

    Claiming unique and effective products, AADAR relies on a process that ensures all the products are meticulously checked for metals and pesticide contamination. AADAR is certified by AYUSH FDCA.

    AADAR raised $250k in a seed round of funding which was led by Sprout Venture Partners and angels from LetsVenture.

    The Ayurveda Revival

    Following a major health scare, Aadil was introduced to the benefits and potency Ayurveda carried. Industry estimates place the percentage of households utilizing Ayurvedic products to be well above 70 which makes it a lucrative market to be tapped into.

    With this idea, Aadil moved to test herb-based formulations with old-age homes and charitable hospitals in Ahmedabad. Starting off with 100 people, positive responses, and reports from the hospitals that allowed him to test his products further instilled the uniqueness of the Ayurvedic products in Aadil’s mind.

    Starting off with a small team of 15-20 doctors in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, AADAR quickly took off with a majority of its sales coming from selling on Amazon.in.

    Aadil understood the target group and the market opportunity for AADAR. Around 40% population around the world suffers from a chronic ailment with Indians making up a sizeable chunk of that group. Indians spend billions to cure these ailments with these numbers about to see a steady curve, AADAR’s target group was people in the age group 25-45.

    This chunk happens to be the one to approach through digital channels when it concerns preventive healthcare owing to their busy schedules and often questionable lifestyle choices.

    AADAR’s selling point is that it is a natural alternative to the medicines generally recommended with an added advantage of no side effects on the body which makes it a legitimate and viable option to help them avoid bad lifestyle conditions.


    Currently, the focus lies on leveraging digital channels to build brand value before turning to modern retail and general trade. That being said AADAR is in talks with various strategic partners for over-the-counter availability as well as target online distributor apps.

    AADAR faces stiff competition in a nation immersed in Ayurveda products from companies like Dabur, Emami, Himalaya, Patanjali. However, AADAR is a primarily digital brand targeted at millennials which gives them an advantage over the likes of Patanjali which is a mass brand.

    In the words of Aadil Shah AADAR aims to bring in a high level of transparency around its products to gain more and more consumer trust. Adapting to the current landscape AADAR aims to remain direct-to-consumer and significantly digital in its distribution strategy.

    Aadil Shah says the funds raised would be utilized to strengthen their footprint in the Ayurveda paradigm and embellish their product portfolio.